How Brain Fitness works? To understand the science of brain fitness let's turn to the affinity of brain cells and other cells of our body. To maintain good physical health, it’s important to exert physical effort to expand the flow of oxygen-rich blood to muscle cells of our body. Healthy brain cells also need a good supply of blood, which carries essential nutrients and oxygen, to help them remain healthy and fully functional. Improving brain performance helps us in all areas of our life from work and education to personal relationship. Through BrainFitness you will improve clarity, focus creativity and confidence for your optimal performance. We do this with a personalized training programming using your own baseline as the control. Learn more about Brain Fitness.

What is Neurolyzer?

Neurolyzer is a web-service for your individualized brain fitness plan. It includes the following components:

  • Brain fitness exercises constructor for individual users and groups
  • Real time Monitoring of brain performance
  • Reporting system allowing analysis of brain performance over time

Our team works hard to adjust Neurolyzer for individual needs of our clients. If you need additional personalized services, just E-mail us. All your personal data is well protected and will not be provided to third parties without your informed consent. Your privacy is our ultimate concern.

Neurolyzer applications

Neurolyzer web-service is the best choice for the following:

  • Brain fitness training, both group and individual
  • Multipurpose brain wave analysis
  • Game applications that use brain-computer interface

Our Services


Personal account

3 exercise

7 days free service

1 day data history

20 minutes support

$0 /mo.


Personal account

Up to 10 exercises

7 days data history

Data export

1 hour support

$9 /mo.


Coach account

10 associated accounts

30 days data history

Data import / export

Statistical tools

8 hours support

$99 /mo.


7 Coach accounts

100 associated accounts

30 days data history

Data import / export

Statistical tools

35 hours support

$499 /mo.

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